Shining bright in our community, one volunteer at a time.

GFWC Beaverton Woman's Club is a proud member of the General Federation of Women's Clubs. Honoring the motto "Unity in Diversity," the club comes together as unique individuals dedicated to community improvement by supporting arts, conservation, education, civic and international involvement, and healthy lifestyles. Our mission is to enhance the lives of others in our community through fundraising and volunteering to assist with the most pressing needs of our residents. The Beaverton Woman’s Club celebrated 50 years of service to the community in 2012.

In 2011, the club received the Service to Beaverton award, one of the highest awards given out by the city. The club earned this award for the many philanthropy projects that they undertake such as a yearly $2,500 community college scholarship for a single mother from their community who is aspiring to return to the workforce. Their other projects include helping out domestic violence victims. The club has helped refurbish four bathrooms at Monika's House, a domestic violence shelter and also furnished products such as bath and hand towels for those bathrooms. Also, during the last week of April, the club plants a pinwheel garden in front of City Hall to show our support for the prevention of Child abuse Program, a national GFWC project. At Christmas, the club provides gifts to a less fortunate family.

The club continues to work closely with the community, addressing specific needs as they arise. The club meets the first Tuesday of the month and the door is always open to welcome new members. Although the club truly appreciates all the talent that they have, they are ready to welcome more.

To learn more about the club or come for a visit, go to the CONTACT page and send your information. Someone from the club will contact you.