The history of Club achievements over the last 50+ decades.

On May 2nd, 1962 the Beaverton Woman's Club was granted membership into the Oregon Federation of Women's Clubs. The club was formed with twelve members and began as a Junior Woman's Club. It evolved into a general club in 1971.

From the beginning, the Oregon Primate Center was a priority project for the club. Donations to establish a rare book collection on Primatology and funding scholarships to local high school students for primate research were priority projects.
The club has instigated many community programs focusing on children.

In 1965,the club began the "Bike -a-rama" safety program in conjunction with the Washington County Sheriffs Department.

In 1970, we took on the monumental task of promoting public kindergarten in the Beaverton School District. For several years we gave "Kinderships " to children whose families could not afford private kindergarten. Our efforts began with a survey of Beaverton School District 48 residents to determine their interest in public kindergartens. This effort evolved into the Coalition for Kindergarten, which lobbied successfully for inclusion of kindergarten in Oregon's basic school support bill in 1974. By 1980 a bill had been signed that made kindergarten mandatory in all Oregon school districts .

In 1977, we helped start the "Mr. Yuk" program through the Oregon Poison Control Center. We were recognized by the mayor of Beaverton for our dedication to the education of parents and young people of accidental poisoning. Other notable community projects include: start-up donations to the Tualatin Valley Workshop, a workshop that provides jobs for mentally, emotionally and physically handicapped people in the Tualatin Valley area; a public drinking fountain for the handicapped in the Washington Park Zoo; Camp Rivendale scholarships; assistance and support to young mothers through the Continuing Education to Youth People (CEYP) community program; identification bracelets for Alzheimer patients; support of Jenkins Estate through trail markers and plant identification tags; formation of the Cedar Mills Library; and support of the expansion of the Beaverton City Library.



May, 1962
The Beaverton Junior Woman’s Club received their charter.
12 Members

Oregon Regional Primate Center:
Main project of the club
Gave $140 for their library fund.
Started an art gallery at center.
$420 for rare books on Primatology.
$600 Scholarship for high school senior to receive summer research scholarship

Trash and Treasure:
A trash and treasure sale which became a Spring Event. 

Bike A Rama:
Safety program with Washington County Sheriffs Department.
Over 500 kids participated in the safety clinics.  The program was eventually taken over by PTA groups and Kiwanis clubs.

Shell Oil:
The club won $500 in a Shell Oil Education contest.  The money was donated to the Tualatin Valley Workshop which educates and trains mentally handicapped to contribute to the community.


The membership voted to become a general club. The new name is Beaverton Woman’s Club

The club promoted public kindergarten in the Beaverton School District.  For several years the club gave a “Kindership” to a child whose family could not afford cost of private kindergarten.
1971  Kindergarten measure was defeated.
1972,73,74 continued work at the legislative level.

Horse Show:

Drinking Fountain for the handicapped at the Zoo.

Mr. YUK:
Mr. Yuk and involvement with the Oregon Poison Control was started. 

The club is a force behind city Resolution #2114, establishing Poison Control Week in the third week of March.

Monte Carlo Night:
Monte Carlo Night and Auction

Oregon Primate Center:
$800 was given to support the Oregon Regional Primate Research Center for the summer science program. 

Camp Rivendale Scholarships:
Donated money to fund a camp scholarship for mentally disabled children.  Money was also donated for trail markers and Jenkins Estate and for construction of a kiosk.

Entertainment Books
Gift Wrap
BWC Cookbook

Volunteer Service:
Beaverton Arts Commission
Doernbecher Children's Hospital

CEYP (Continuing Education for Young Parents:
Adopted the young Moms.
Provided flowers to the Moms for Mothers Day and at Graduation, Provided Snacks and children’s books to the daycare.
Conducted Storytelling with the preschoolers. Gave money for playground equipment, and gave Books for Babies kits

Childhood Immunizations:
Members volunteered at the childhood immunization clinic.  They checked in the children and helped the parents fill out forms.  They also escorted the children to the shot room and handed out goodies after they completed their shots.
Member's children road a float in the Beaverton Parade to promote Childhood Immunizations.

Race For The Cure:
Seventeen club members participated in the Race For The Cure to support club president, Leta Giraldi.

Donated Money to:
HOBY (Hugh O’brien Youth Leadership)
Community Action Organization
Alzheimer's Association
Camp Rivendale Schlarships

Entertainment Books and Gift Wrap
Working at the election booths
Miniature Roses
Hangover Auction
KXL  - receipts/labels
Farmers Market – Cinnamon Booth

Volunteer Service:
Art Showcase: Help host the Art Exhibitions Gala Opening
Tree Planting at Fanno Creek.


NW Children’s Outreach:
Volunteered at their warehouse.  Helped unload donated clothing, toys, necessities. Items were then sorted and put on shelves.   Worked once a month and helped fill bags for families.  Donated gently used clothing.  Donated new sock and underwear for the center. 

Department of Human Resources
Members help decorate two of the waiting rooms at DHS.

Girlfriend’s Tea:
A fundraising event in which money is raised to provide a scholarship for a single mom returning to school at Portland Community College, PCC.  The event entails fundraising baskets, a speaker and a tea.  A $1,500 scholarship is awarded each year. 

Donated Money to:
$1,500 donated to the Beaverton Library.  Encyclopedias were purchased for the children's department.  Parenting and children's books were also donated to the New Beaverton Library.

Money was donated to Camp UKANDO which is a summer camp for children dealing with cancer.

Volunteer Service:

Art Showcase

Storytelling at CEYP

Tree planting at a Historical Marker

Made surgical gowns for Operation Smile

Race for the Cure
Farmers Market


Domestic Violence Resource Center- Monica’s House:
Adopted two of the center bathrooms.  Remodeled the bathrooms.  Repainted the rooms. Put in new sinks, toilets. Supplied new towels for the clients.

Service to Beaverton Award:
The club won the Service to Beaverton Award.  This award recognizes community groups for outstanding support.

Dress for Success:

Donated $500 to Sponsor a woman in the Dress for Success program.  The woman chosen will gather interview skills and clothes for a job.  Clothing was also donated for the women to use for job interviews as well as for their Thrift store to sell items.

Pinwheel Garden:

Pinwheels were planted at City Hall to help bring awareness to Child Abuse Prevention.

Race for the Cure

Mystery Dinner
Girlfriend’s Tea
Woodburn Company Store
Charity Buncos

$100 Donations:
Drug Free Grad Night party, Bike Repair for Charity, Animal Aid, ARTZ, Beaverton High School Knitting Club, Sunshine Pantry, Faith Café, Community Resource Center, Love Inc.. Fisher House, Heifer International, Candlelighters, Beaverton PAL, Write Around Portland, SOLV, Homeplate



SOLVE $100
UNICEF  $100

Fine Arts contest $100:

Charity Bunco for the Fine Arts contest.  Raised $70.

Speaker on current trends in Education:  Reverse Homework and Project Based learning.

Monika House:

Club adopted 2 bathrooms at local Domestic Shelter. Donated towels.

Love Inc:

Speaker from Love Inc came to the club about local community groups.

Food Drive:

Food drive at a club meeting and donated to a local food pantry.

Club adopted a family at Christmas:  Clothing items and toys were given and a meal.

Clothes donated:

Collected donations for the Beaverton Clothes Closet

Speaker on Heifer International



Speaker from City of Beaverton talk about Recycling


From Intercultural Exchange Program.



Members donated items such as deodorant, coffee, chap stick, greeting cards, protein bars to a military troop in Afghanistan.

$100 to Faith Cafe which provides meals to the homeless.

$100 to the Sunshine pantry which provides food to the needy.

$100 to the Essentials Closet which provides toothpaste, soap, toilet paper, cleaning supplies to the needy.

Pinwheel Garden:

The club displayed 40 pinwheels at the entrance of City hall to raise awareness of Child Abuse Prevention.

Heart Health Awareness:
Members wore RED to a meeting to help raise awareness for Heart Health

The club adopted a Single mom and her two kids at Thanksgiving:  Gave a complete meal.

The club adopted a Single mom and her two kids for Christmas:  Clothing and Toys were given.